Byron Bay. Saturday 30th November.

Really windy day yesterday turned into heavy rain over night and today it’s cold and damp but it gave us a chance to catch up on the jobs that needed doing, even on holiday.

After lunch we drove to Bangalow a small town slightly in land that is advertised as a bit Hippy. If you like your Hippies rich, old and upper class this might be for you but it was no Glastonbury. There were a few shops selling Crystal, you could have a variety of massages, hot stones, colonic irrigations, wear a funny hat and chant ‘Oggy oggy oggy’ but that doesn’t make you a Hippy.

There were the usual selection of expensive boutiques selling T Shirts made in Thailand and some restaurants serving lunch but in the main, it wasn’t worth the trip.

Back at Byron we walked up to the Northern Hotel and settled at a table outside for a session of people watching.

There was an Asian couple, both with Dreadlocks though being short they seemed to be constantly tripping over their hair whilst setting up their jewelry stand on the pavement. Actually, she did all the work and he spent an unusual amount of time for foraging around in his hair for some unknown inhabitant.

Sat next to them was an old guy who had a little sign up advertising Palm Reading, though we didn’t see him at work all evening. He unfortunately had one of them wobbly heads, like ‘Churchill’ the bull dog and wouldn’t look out of place sat in the back of a Ford Cortina. I wouldn’t trust him to predict my life line.

We ordered a bottle of white wine a burger and chips and a fish and chips and relished the late evening sunshine.

Just to prove, you can’t have too much of a good thing, we had a second bottle.

When the foot traffic thinned out we walked across the road to the ‘Railway Friendly Bar’ where I tried to order a Whiskey. Unfortunately you can’t have a straight whiskey as that is defined as a ‘Shot’ so you have to have some thing in it. I asked for another whiskey but they said that was a double and you can’t have them either. So one shot of whiskey, a tumbler full of Soda and enough ice to cover Antarctica and I had a drink that tasted like water.

There was a band playing and we watched them for a bit though we were more impressed with an old lady that got up and danced on her own right at the front of the stage. She wasn’t too bad a dancer but she had skin like a rhino, all thick an leathery which was off set by a lot of cheap jewelry and some artificial flowers in her peroxide hair. Byron is the place for alternative entertainment.

By this time we were pissed and made our way back to the Deluxe Cabin, only to find it was 10 past nine.



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