Time zones


Either you’ve got it or you haven’t.

Some people are natural, dancers clearly have it (I just loved Lionel Blair till he became Prime Minister) comedians apparently have it  but we seem to be sadly lacking.

Maybe it’s the fact that today is really only yesterday???

But timing is one thing we just can’t get right.

Last night being a good example.

We know from experience that things close early, even in Byron. That Happy Hour can start at four PM.

That people go to bed early but we thought we had it cracked.

We drove to ‘Big W’ which seems to be the centre of the Jamie Oliver Fan Cub Australia’ and bought some drinking glasses so we could get all the ingredients of a G & T in the same container. Parked up and went to ‘The Balcony’ for Happy Hour drink’s.

They had Marguerita cocktails for $10 and Corona for $5 between 4 – 6.

We took a seat and waited for one of the Tattoo’d waiters to take our order but after some considerable time without a drink, I went to the Bar to order only to be told it was Waitress service.

So, returning to my seat I tried to attract the attention of one of the mobile graffiti boards.

We ordered a Marguerita and a Corona ($15) finished that and then spent another 10 minutes waving at the waiters to attract attention.

Timing was becoming critical as it was nearing six o’clock.

At last one of these painted peacocks came and I ordered another Corona but before I could ask for another Marguerita he walked off. When he returned with my drink I ordered Jakis and it duly came but when the bill arrived it was $16.95.

Apparently I’d put my order in after six, so it was full price. Silly old me eh?

We left and took the car back to the Deluxe Cabin, then walked into Town to get some food before it was too late. Sadly it already was.

Most places were now either Ghost Towns or full of people enjoying a drink, but almost no one eating.

We checked a few places out but they were pretty much empty and the slight rain that had started falling immediately we left the Deluxe Cabin, was now getting heavier and Jaki was worried her top was becoming ‘see through’.

So, the invisible Woman and i went into a Pizza place that at least had what looked like living inhabitants, found a table and ordered.

We also chose a Caraf of house red that owed more to motor oil than grapes but cost double the price of the Pizza.

NB:  At  this point Jaki has left the Deluxe Cabin headed to the Laundry room to see if she can dry last nights clothes in a tumble drier, but as I’m watching her walk across the park, the heavens have opened and she’s soaked again. She knows how to have a good time.

The rain was now so heavy they had to close all the shutters on the windows as it was bouncing back into the Restaurant and soaking the guests, a mixed bunch of hot shots who never came off their mobile phones, families with kids using wax crayons to play noughts n crosses, the hopelessly lost like the Chinese couple next to us who ordered a Pizza but only ate the shared salad, the soulless, the Zombies and me n Jaki.

We waited till the worst of the weather abated then left this den of the living dead just as more people started to arrive and it was filling up (timing) and headed home.

Of course the weather chose to take a turn for the worse at this point and we were soaked within 50 metres.

Most of the Schoolies were wearing cheap plastic ponchos so they were unaffected. What I wouldn’t give for a Mickey Mouse Cape about now.

In our haste to get home, we crossed the railway station parking lot which, in the dark looked flat but in reality was full of Pot Holes and I managed to go waste deep in a puddle that looked for all the world like flat Tarmac.

Through the howling wind and beating rain we could hear music, so we set off to find its source. It came from a small bar called the Railway Club or some thing similar and inside it was heaving.

A three piece band were playing very contemporary interpretations of Rock n Blues tracks, from Cream to the Doors with a very Jazz influence and a 5 string Bass guitar ( never seen that before). At one stage a lady got up and did a very creditable version of RESPECT which brought the house down.

But like all thing Australian, it ended at 10 and we continued our journey home in the drizzle which went on all through the night and is continuing this morning. It’s cold and damp and all our clothes are still wet so we put the two ring on the cooker up full just to warm up. However this seems to be making the kitchen cupboard above it smoke, so we’ve turned it off and gone back to bed.

Im getting quite attached to our Deluxe Cabin now. I like the idea of turning the kitchen tap on with my feet, whilst still lying in bed.

Despite all our timing woes, I am becoming conscious of being the only person in Oz who has a watch. When ever were out some one asks me what time it is. It’s like being TIM the speaking clock, though I’m not sure I’m as accurate.

My watch always seems to be one hour out and despite resetting it by the TV in Brisbane, it is now an hour slow again.

Is there a time change between here an Brisbane?

Ill ask TIM.

NB: Photos will follow but it’s hard enough writing a blog using iPod mini that alone inserting pictures.

Anyone know how I find my WordPress URL, that would allow me to use the App which might be easier.


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