Byron Bay

Were sat on th beach at Byron with a force 10 gale coming in from the sea.

The waves are big and I tried to get in the water but they kept knocking me over and I looked such a Numpty that I decided I’d wait till I get back to the pool before I go into the water again today. Though even the Surfers have come out of the sea.

There may be a storm coming as there’s a lot of cloud  around.

Byron though is everything you ever dreamed of as a holiday resort when you were a Teenager.

Not the Butlin’s, Candy Floss and cold chips of my era. This is the end of the rainbow for Cliff and the gang in ‘Summer Holiday’. That Bus wouldn’t move from here!

There are bars, Cafe’s and even a Night Club or two and things don’t close at six o’clock.

The Beach is littered with young people and there are lots of very attractive young ladies sunning themselves whilst the boys show off.

Tattoes are king here, everyone seems to have them all over their bodies and the women are just as bad, though some of them are pretty gross. This morning a girl in the coffee shop had a Turkey in full colour all over her back and I have to tell you Turkeys are one ugly mother  in real life and they smell awful. Years ago we bred Turkey’s in a shed at the back of the cottage in Frampton. Come Christmas when we had to kill them it was like slaughtering 5 Ostriches. We. Drank a whole bottle of sherry just to get up the courage to go in with them.

Anyway, that’s how it is, nice beach, night life and Sunshine thought there may be a ZZ Top convention in town as everyone seems to have the bumpkin beard thing going on.


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