Made I larf

Did have a snicker at the local news this morning when ABC announced Wonton Sushi the next President of Burma would be interviewed soon.

local paper is running a story about Jimmy Anderson, who apparently cried when he hit an Aussie player around the head with a pad.

Also a lovely bit about the England Squad playing a game at Aires Rock. Apparently the Pasty white pom’s will be very red faced after that.

Also found out why there are so many dead birds on beaches, they are Shearwaters which migrate along the East coast of Australia often traveling 15,000 kilometres and they very often die of exhaustion. Hence the number of Dead Sea birds.

Today we watched three different types of seabird hunting. The seagulls which we think are some form of Tern were diving out of the sky like spears, plunging into the water at Brunswick Heads Beach, whilst  a pack of Cormorant  (Gannets?) were herding a school of fish into the shallows and diving down amongst them. At the same time Pelicans cruised the surface scooping up beak gulls of fish.

Team work.


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