Glen Villa Resort, Byron Bay.

Let’s be up front. This isn’t a place we would choose to stay again though I’m sure it has it’s merit’s.

When we booked our ‘Deluxe’ Cabin from it looked and sounded fine.

We had been staying in a 2 bedroom apartment in Brisbane for 5 nights and that pushed us over budget, so we needed to get back on track. We knew this wouldn’t be top end accommodation and we knew also that accommodation in Byron Bay was at a premium, especially as it’s ‘Schoolies Week’ ( a bigger version of Newquay where kids come to celebrate finishing exams, so you can imagine the scene here on an evening).

The promotional material for the cabins offered a Studio layout and a Deluxe layout. In reality, they are identical. The only difference is the Studio is older and by implication, less well kept, which is a surprise given the Deluxe is at best, tatty.

This is like spending 5 nights in a Wendy House where there is a dolls tea set and some little chairs but here they have shoe horned a double bed, a fridge and a two ring cooker into the playing space. Picture an Allotment shed with a shower and you get the picture.

We had hoped to do some home cooking to keep the cost down but I defy Jamie Oliver (whose big here as he has a contract with Woolworths) to produce a meal for two on two rings whilst sat on the end of a double bed.

As these are Cabins for two they have kindly provided, 2x knives, 2x forks, spoons, plates, cups, and glasses most of which are more suited to children’s play time. The glasses aren’t big enough to contain one ice cube, one slice lemon, one slug Gi, so the Tonic has to go in the second glass, which means we are drinking in shifts. We had a meal last night of roast chicken ( bought from Woolies) olives, cheese, sun dried Tomatoes etc but when we put it out we had used all the plates so had to get paper plates from the car to eat from!

I understand these Cabins would have been very popular with the Schoolies last week but they are not adult accommodation and aren’t up to any reasonable standard. We’ve tied the curtains back this morning with Polly bags from Woolies as the curtain rails slope to the middle so curtains close automatically unexpectedly plunging us into darkness.

There is a pool and a communal kitchen with shared fridges etc but we have the sacred Vodka which all Schoolies crave as well as proper food so I doubt our stocks would be there in the morning.

During the night we were visited by these large brown beetles and we had to remove them from the bed and flush down the loo (yes it has a loo) not because we didn’t want them but because there wasn’t enough space for all of us.

Clothing is still in our suitcases and they are in the boot of the car as there is nowhere to ha or store anything.

We did consider cancelling but they are wise to this, their policy requires 28 days notice or two night accommodation charge plus a $50 admin fee. Guess they’ve had people cancel before?

So were here for another 4 nights, there is lots to explore and we will try and stay out of the Deluxe Cabin as much as possible, only returning singly.

On the plus side, the staff and owners are nice, very helpful (thought the cleaning staff need some training) and one of them is from Bristol so it can’t be all bad.



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