Nature-V- Nurture?

I’ve been wrestling with the Nature verses Nurture issue all afternoon.

It seems to me that much of our holiday’s are mapped out and recorded by what we eat and where.

Whether we search out places to eat that fit the mood or whether, by chance we find places that set the mood?

A classic example of this quandary is the comparison between yesterday’s choices and today’s.

As last night was our last in Brisbane we abandoned the frugal regime of cooking at home and went down to the Wharf where there are hundreds of good Restaurants. We chose the Jelly Fish as it’s right on the water, with great views across to Kangaroo point Jazz Club and Story Bridge which is lit up at night and it has a reputation for good Sea Food.

We were offered a table and the Waiter then went into his routine. The basic consent is this:

There are 10 different fish on the ‘main menu’ at any one time, the type depends on what is fresh in that day. So you choose your fish, then there are a dozen or so ways to have it cooked, battered, breaded, roast, grilled etc. You then have choices of what it’s coated in and there are some great options. You then choose the sauce to go with it and your almost done. Except that they have three different menus of accompaniments the first are $8 next $10 and last list $12.

However, on the back of the menu there are specials and combo’s that can be shared, starters are also just as complicated.

The Waiters must be a rare breed as they have memorised all these combinations, I dare say they would be decent guests on’Just a minute’ where deviation, hesitation or repetition are penalised.

It does make choosing a meal a bit too complicated for my liking and at the end, I had completely forgotten what they said in the beginning.

Jaki and I settled for having just a main course and we both chose Wahoo steaks though we both had different sauces. Jaki had a ‘Billy Bunter’ moment and ordered a salad (from the $12 dollar menu, thanks Jack) and Chips from the $8. The chips are coated in some thing before being fried and it makes them taste great.

I chose Asian greens with smoked Oyster Sauce. Three weeks ago I didn’t know what Pak Choy was, now I look like one.

The wine list was just as complicated but I left that to Jaki.

We were eating our food happily when I got to the middle of my fish and noticed it was raw. Not wanting to show my ignorance of these things I thought about Yo Sushi and figured it must be OK and ate it. However when the plates were cleared the waiter recognised the raw lump left on Jakis plate, he apologised because the fish hadn’t been cooked properly and knocked $8 off the bill! 

He also told us that KP had eaten at the Jelly Fish the night before the first test, so I’m expecting to be a bit sluggish the next 4 days.

Today, we arrived at a place called Brunswick Head’s on our way to Byron Bay. We couldn’t get the accommodation we wanted in Byron till tomorrow so we booked into the  Brunswick River Inn which is in a great location at the fork of the Brunswick River and Simpsons Creek. If you take the bridge over the river you come to the beach where the surf kneads the sand like bread dough but to the left is a sheltered cove where there is very little swell though it gets deep and cold very quickly.

When we arrived I smelt a whiff of Patchouli oil in the air and the faint odour of Harry Krishna. That could only mean one thing.


Sure enough, in the centre of the town there is a vegetarian restaurant that sells all the usual festival Fare, Humus, Falafel, Couscous, Egyptian flat bread and salad by the bucket. I chose the Humus Plate and Jaki had some thing similar but with roast egg plant (neither of us could spell Aubergine).

We soon realised there was some thing odd going on ( reminded me of an FBU rally I went on once where we got left behind and found ourselves in a gay bar, much to Tony Sim’s horror).

No one was wearing shoes, and there were more pony tails around than a Status Quo Christmas Concert.

This is like Glasto with a beach. Lots of Indian shops, campervans and holistic newsagents.

So, the contrast between last nights meal and today’s couldn’t be more different. Both were thoroughly enjoyable and in their own way, iconic. But did we seek out the ambience of the jellyfish or did use it, because it was there?

In summary, did wee seek out Yami the vegetarian or did it find us?

This is getting wired, I’ve got to stop.


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