Exploring Brisbane

Not often I disagree with Kevin Pieterson (KP) but on this were poles apart.

KP was slated here for saying ‘Brisbane was Boring’. As a result, he took an awful lot of stick from fans and the press and at one stage during the match a plane flew over towing a banner which said.

“What do you think of Brisbane now KP”?

I think, just before he got himself out.

Well, after our day exploring Brisbane I can safely say it’s anything but boring. It is Infact my favourite place (in OZ) to date.

We walked down to the river (haven’t found it’s name yet) and caught the ‘City Hopper’ which is a local water taxi, free to use, that runs up and down, criss crossing the water, linking the bus and train services as well as both sides of the City. Most of the passengers were tourists using it as a way of exploring the City and we ended up talking to a guy from Exeter, though surprisingly he didn’t know Councillor Byalik.

We got off on the South Bank and walked up through the gardens to the Modern Art Gallery. On route we were amazed at the facilities available.

There are cycle routes (off road) everywhere and cycles are $2 per day to hire including a helmet and a lock.

We came across a man made beach with a swimming pool, children’s play area, restaurants and facilities that rival Disney. It was stunning. A whole beach on your door step.

We ate lunch in a Mexican Restaurant but there was a choice of maybe 10 other places in the Riverside Restaurant complex. Across the road there were hundreds more cafes and bars and as we went around the corner there was a range of take away’s like Nando’s, Asian Express (Asian food is big here) and a whole lot more. We ate for $24 including drinks.

Walking on toward the performing ArtsCentre we came across 3 girls busking. They had, wait for it, a Harp, a Violin and a singer and they were singing the old Mathews Southern Comfort (see how this is becoming interactive) song, Woodstock and it was beautiful. We stopped and listened to a few more songs before putting some money in their tin. Whilst doing so I told them how much I enjoyed their performance and they asked me ‘ If I was from Somerset’?

Apparently the singers Dad was a Cockney and he used to do a West Country impression. “Yer, got any Tater’s on thit Trakter”?

A ferkin Chirpy chippy Cockney taking the piss out of a West Country accent? Yer avin a laugh mate!

So I refered them to Adge Cutler and the Wurzles ( which they Googled on their phones) and suggested they might find ‘I am the Cider Drinker’ a suitable song for Harp, Violin and soloist.

Walking away, an English guy stopped me and asked if I seriously thought that would be suitable for them.

What do you think?

We eventually turned around and retraced our steps back to the end of Vulture Street by the Maritime Museaum and crossed the foot bridge into the zoological gardens, which was an oasis of calm. There is a Uni here  and students were using some of the facilities to study, but there was also a 50 metre pool and Gym. Which is open to the public. The gardens were amazing (sorry to say but much nicer than the ones in Sydney) and there was a calm that was palpable. Like when it snow’s and sound is deadened and everything takes on a surreal quality of silence. Absolutely amazing.

We walked back to the bottom of Wharf Street and found a bar offering Cocktails at $10 and scooner’s of beer for $5  so we filled our boots. On the way home we bought Baramundi and shrimp which they put in a sealed bag with the marinade of your choice, then all you do is pop it in the oven and it’s cooked.

A cheap bottle of some thing Fizzy, an Australian Home magazine for Jaki and we have the perfect evening .

N:B: The fish cooked in this way turned out to be less than great. It went soggy and lost its firmness and texture and the marinade didn’t taste of anything. A good idea and n easy way to cook fish which also stopped any smell, but I would have preferred fried in a pan with some herbs.

No need for a swim or gym session tonight as we did our 30 lengths this morning before we went out.

So, please excuse spelling and grammar as I am now well and truly relaxed and I don’t really care whether there are mistakes, as long as you get the flavour of the day, as in the past I have been accused of being less than impressed with Australia, today balances the books.

Pictures will follow but as I can only load 6 at a time from the camera, it is a tedious process.

Patience please.

As a foot note, we are staying in theRepublic Apartments at 363 Turbot Street, which is a two bed, two bath, two balcony apartment on the ninth floor of twenty two. The balcony is huge with sliding doors that virtually open up completely and we have great views over the city business district.(See photos later).

Good lounge space with TV and all the channels you could wish for.

Nice size kitchen with Fridge, cooker, dishwasher, waste disposal. In fact it’s got everything you’d need for a stay in the City. But.

There are no plugs for the sinks so you can’t fill a basin

The laundry door jams so we can only just get to the washing machine.

There is no Aircon in the bedrooms so at night it’s hot. There is a fan though there isn’t a plug to plug it into. I tried sleeping with the window open but the noise of the City starts about 0430 so from then your awake.

The dining table wobbles and it makes it hard to type (don’t they know I’m Blogging)?

We couldn’t get any bubbles in the Jacuzzzi until the maintenance man told us the emergency stop button sticks and you have to physically pull it out. What I don’t understand is. If the maintenance man knows the nob sticks, why doesn’t he fix it?

So, on balance I would recommend this place to visitors but if they asked me what improvements could be made, I have my list ready.


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