The Gabba.

We set out from the Hotel to find the Gabba which we knew was across the water in Woolloongabba. We were staying in Turbot street which is in the ‘City of Brisbane’ and we would need to cross the Story Bridge or catch one of the water taxis that ply this stretch of river.

We walked down Wharf Street and found the Pier but there are 3 different ferry’s operated by different people and they don’t seem to talk to each other as no one knew where we caught a ferry that dropped us near the Gabba. so we got on the first one and that as it transpired, crossed the river and dumped us at the other side, at Kangaroo point.

There were two Aussies on the ferry who were also going to watch the cricket but the little wags told us the score was now 54 for 6. You just can’t have too much fun when your an Auzzie can you.

Once we were across the river we had a half hour walk to the ground and it started to rain. We ploughed on toward the flood lights which were visible way in the distance.

Once we got there we found a ticket booth (up your’s Ticketmaster) and tried to purchase seats with the Barmy Army but they were sold out. So we asked for seats that wouldn’t be in full sun. Typical Ozzie humour, he sold us tickets that were in full sun all day and it was about 33 degrees.

We watched in horror as the Australian batting took the England bowlers to pieces. Not just made them look inept but literally smashed, cut and hammered every single ball into every available space, with the fielders in complete disarray we missed catches, dropped stuff, let balls go under bodies and failed to chase boundaries that could have been stopped. In the end they ran up a. Lead of over 500 and then declared leaving us to bat for an hour, during which time we lost two wickets with Cook looking like a rabbit in the headlights, frightened to death. It was embarrassing and the crowd let us know it.

By late afternoon the good humour of earlier had turned to a drunken abrasiveness and the bars restricted the selling of beer to one glass per person rather than the trays people had been buying all day. The Leeds Rhino gang, all in fancy dress who had so enamoured themselves with the crowd, were now being escorted out of the ground by the police as they had insisted on sitting amongst the Aussie fans. Initially this had been good humoured but by now it was becoming tense. There was beer being thrown off the top terrace onto people below and the familiar beach balls that had caused so much good humoured excitement earlier when they were tossed amongst the crowd, were now replaced by inflated condoms that burst when they hit the grass.

One of the photographers ( with the big tele photo lenses ) tossed a beach ball back into the crowd rather than burst it as the Stewards did, and he was taken away by the Police and escorted out of the ground. much to the annoyance of the crowd.

A group of lads who had sat in front of us all day and been good fun returned from the bars at about 1730 and swore like navvies for the rest of the session.

We caught a bus from outside the stadium which said ‘City’ on the front and it did take us roughly back to where we needed to go though we still had a long walk and it was staring to get dark so we didn’t recognise Any landmarks.

Once back though we took a swim and then decided on a G&T but realised we had left the tonic in the freezer so Jaki popped out to the supermarket next door to get another. But guess what, they close early on a Saturday.

So we defrosted what we could and are having Sausage sandwiches and frozen G &T whilst watching a horrendous thunder and lightening storm that is raging over head.

The hope is it will rain all day tomorrow and then the match will be a draw?


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