First Test of being English

As far as embarrassing moments go, my favourite was told to me by a Welsh friend who had a night out in the ‘Brandy Bridge’ Merthyr.

Towards the end of the evening he asked a young lady for a dance and they went onto the dance floor for a ‘Smooch’.

Romantically he nuzzled into her neck but at the end of the song the chemistry didn’t work and they parted company.

Unfortunately as he freed her from his embrace the wire clip of his false teeth caught in the material of her top and he watched her walk across the dance floor with his front teeth hanging on her shoulder.

By comparison, my embarrassing moments are insignificant.

I remember my first visit to my new in laws was a disaster from start to finish, culminating in a very embarrassed farewell at the front door. I shook hands with him and then faced her. I was expected to give her a ‘peck on the cheek’ and in my haste I lunged at her at the same time as she moved toward me. As a result I ‘butted’ her on the nose and her glasses fell off and broke on the floor. To add insult to injury, half way down the motorway I realised I hadn’t flushed the loo before I left so there was a little present waiting for them as a thank you for having me.

However, none of that trumps the embarrassment of being English, in Brisbane after yesterday’s performance by the England cricket team.

Our accent sticks out like a sore thumb and everyone we meet wants to remind us just how pathetic our side were and how great the Ozzies are.

It wasn’t like that in the morning . The press were trying to put a spin on the expected outcome by saying how good England were and how well they were playing.

In fact the commentators curse (listening to the commentary on the 6 hour drive to Brisbane) came in to play on the very ball that got Cook out.

The Barmy Army put the fear of God into them and they were afraid of the effect this would have on their fielder.

But as it turned out, the English batting order crumbled, the batsmen were proved to be lightweights and Jaki and I are paying the price.

Its so good to be English.


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