Big night out in Agnes Water

After a lazy day on the Beach we were up for a little excitement, so we got cleaned up and walked into town looking to find ourselves a few cocktails and a bit of music.

Unfortunately we forgot where we were and at 1900 hrs the only place that had any customers was the pizza shop with a crowd of backpackers sat outside eating Pizza and drinking their own drinks. Everywhere else was closed down. So by 1930 we were home clutching a bottle or two of local Bubbly.

We cooked some steaks and the now familiar jacket spud on the grill rather than venture out to the BBQ pits which are in total darkness.

The camp site behind us was battened down tight, there wasn’t a person to be seen, no music, no lights, in fact, nothing to suggest there was any from of life.

It gets light very early here and people are up and about, walking dogs, jogging and the like at 0500. So it’s not really surprising that after a full day of activities (surfing, fishing, cycling and canoeing are all popular) people eat early and then shut up shop.

So Jaki was up early this morning ( or she spent the whole night on the patio which is where I left her last night) researching accommodation in Brisbane but because it’s the first test against England, accommodation is very expensive and hard to find.

Eventually we found a self catering apartment in Spring Hill just north of the river and within striking distance of the Gabba.

The next task was to get our hands on tickets and we decided Sunday would be best day.

Ticketmaster sell the tickets on behalf of the Gabba so we went on line, found the seats we wanted, entered out details and tried to pay. Sadly, the web site assumed we lived in Australia and no matter what we did we couldn’t get it to accept that we were here in OZ but the billing address for the credit card was in the UK.

After several hours of frustration we came up with a plan B.

We drove up to the local Library and used the computers there which are free of charge and available to anyone without having to complete any of the bureaucratic paperwork that has been demanded everywhere else. Within minutes we had secured two premium tickets and printed them out. We did have a funny five minutes when we were asked to put some jumbled up letters into a box as part of the security system. We were asked to type Titoff which made us corpse.

After securing the tickets we went out of town to the Fresh fish Shop and bought some Banana Prawns and 4 Mackerel steaks for tonight. However, our winning streak came to an end at the bank when they couldn’t let us have any cash as they didn’t recognise my Debit card.

So another lazy afternoon on the beach was punctuated by quick trips back to the villa to catch up on the cricket scores.

We are hoping it won’t be all over before Sunday.


5 thoughts on “Big night out in Agnes Water

  1. Hi comrade
    Glad to see its not Sun, Surf and Barbies. But I’m sure it will still be a great adventure.
    Hope the Cricket lives up to the hype over here and at least the nightlife in Brisbane should be a bit more lively.
    Loving all the posts, getting the experience but without the Bugs and cost LoL.
    Ant and Dec are about I believe doing a new series called Your a Socialist P@*s off Out of Here. Gooday mates.

  2. Besides your on going money and drinking issues, it all sounds great. I stayed up until 2:0am (your lunch) to see first session, and back up to see last few overs. Cricket should not be over by Sunday, but thunder and lightning forecast, so make sure you take cork hats. Cheers steve

    1. Hi Steve,

      Thought you might be watching the cricket, we’ve followed it on Tv here today, pretty exciting.
      Just our rotten luck if it’s all over by Saturday.
      Thunder storms have been forecast ever since we got here, some times they’re right some not, but they had hail stones here the size of cricket ball which did a lot of damage.
      They call them ‘Broadies’.
      See you soon. How’s uncle?

  3. Bill, I’m not following the cricket but according to the Jorders and Goose twitter feeds England are doing well and may be over by Sunday 😦
    Glad your having an interesting time and can only imagine how many times you’ve done the “I don’t believe it” statement.
    I am loving follwing you & Jacki’s exploites, keep up the feed.
    Take care


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