Unit 2. Agnes Waters Caravan Park



This place has worked well for us.

The beach is just across the grass at the front of the Unit and though it’s not as beautiful as Sanibel Island, Florida it’s pleasant enough, though the sand isn’t white and there is a lot of debris and oil residue washed up on the high tide line. We took a walk up the Beach this morning and after about 30 minutes we realised there’s nothing to see that’s any different Which ever stretch your on, It just doesn’t change and there is nothing individual about any particular Bit.

The water though is clean and warm and there is a flag marked area which is patrolled by Life Guards most of the day. There is a risk of ‘Stinger’s’ and this stretch isn’t netted (they hang nets in the water to stop the Stingers and bathers  getting together for a little light relief) but to date we’ve not seen anything to concern us though we have noticed an awful lot of dead Sea Birds which seems unusual.

I did however leave the water and walk up the beach with an ‘Industrial size Bogie’ stuck to my chest.

Yesterday evening we drove to 1770 (we think named after captain cook, though it may have been Kirk) and watched the sun set as the tour boats came in after a day out on the Barrier Reef ( not strictly, they visit Lady Elliot Island which is just on the bottom end of the Reef) The customers were as expected, young and probably backpackers who disembarked then mounted a fleet of motorbikes for the ‘Scooteroo’ tour, no motorcycle driving licence required.

We took some great shots and decided to go back today and use the free BBQ pits (gas) and have our evening meal in the park by the beach, but currently it’s raining again so that may not happen.

We called into the local petrol station in Agnes and topped up our mobile phone and bought a roast chicken which we had with salad and a jacket spud. I washed mine down with Teachesr but that isn’t the best way to go.

After a day of doing very little it’s surprising how tired we were and we were both tucked up by 2200.

There are two bedrooms here so we’ve got a snoring and a non snoring dorm.

The apartments are brand new and fitted out to a very high standard, very clean and modern but ( you knew this was coming didn’t you) they have some anomalies. The key to the patio sliding doors, which is the only way in, is very difficult to get in the lock and in the dark it’s almost impossible.

luckily they’ve fitted a light over the door. Sadly you have to have the front door key fob in a little electrical socket in the Lounge for the lights to work and if you have the key in your hand or in the lock, it ain’t in the socket, so it’s pitch black.

This is particularly ‘irksome’ as you can’t leave the washing machine on and you have to reset the oven and TV every time you come in.

Also, there are no bed side lights in the bedrooms, only a ceiling light and the switch for this is in the hall. So if you switch the bedroom lights out you then have to grope your way across the hall and into your bedroom in the dark. Reading in bed is impossible which may not bother the Ozzies as 50% of their language involves the word ‘Mate’.

There are no table lamps or side lamps in the lounge either so  your either in the dark or sat in the glare of the ceiling lights.

The extractor fan over the cooker doesn’t work but that aside these are good value apartments and I’d recommend them highly.

We spent a few hours on the Beach this morning before returning at mid day to miss most of the heat. I did a quick check on finances as we’ve now run out of cash and we need to consider the most economical way for getting more money.

I have a Lloyd’s Premier Duo credit card and a lloyds debit card but the charges on both are horrendous witha NON STERLING TRANSFER FEE of 2.99 % for each transaction and on debit card there is an additional NON STERLING CASH FEE of between £1 and £3, which has added about £60 to our cost to date and given we have currently spent £2798 we are well over budget.

Travelers be warned, Australia is not cheap and we haven’t found any reasonably priced accomodation yet that we would be happy to stay in for more that one night. On average we are paying $150 Australian per night for accomodation though our cheapest was the Ibis at £38.11 though I wouldn’t suggest anyone consider this seriously.

Eating out, a main meal is usually $26-30 and often more. A breakfast will cost you around $16 and a beer is $4 so do the maths.

Its often cheaper to pay for a more expensive apartment with good cooking facilities  than a cheaper one where you have to eat out.

The culture here seems to encourage self catering with people cooking their own food in their rooms, in their Caravans or eating a picnic on the beach or in the park?

This has impacted on the local bars and restaurants who are almost always empty, close early or offer a BYO facility to keep the cost down. Almost all places seem to do a take away facility, even the established restaurants.

Only the high end places seem to be full and thriving or the budget take aways that cater for backpackers.

This makes it hard for couple to find anywhere lively to eat as the fun of a BBQ or Beach Picnic is sharing with family and friends and Jaki and Jonny no mates only have each other for company.

Though we are getting professional at playing Solitaire


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