Sanctuary Lakes. Hervey Bay

We drove up from Caloundra today in heavy rain.

The day started well enough.

We were roused from our beds at 0500 by the fire alarm and had to make our way to the RV point where we stayed till it was safe to return. When we did it was too late to go back to bed so we sat on the balcony and watched the sun rise though we couldn’t see much as it was a bit cloudy. We did take an early morning walk along the boardwalk and watched the surfers getting some practice.

The drive was the usual mix of heavy rain, aggressive HGV and a distinct lack of anything interesting to look at. Even the Radio is rubbish. Lots of phone in’s with the ‘Hang em and Flog em Brigade’ keen to express their views. We havent found one good station yet and the ones we have found tend to be lost when you move out of range. Very radio Luxembourg.

Sanctuary Lakes is advertised as a ‘Fauna Retreat’ on account of the lakes , which appear to be almost dry despite the recent rain and the abundance of birds. We were given a small bag of bird food when we arrived and we spent five minutes feeding the birds before the novelty wore off. In Jakis case that came sooner than expected as she managed to get bleach on her new trousers whilst using the loo. She now has an orange ring around the back of both legs.

There seems to be an awful lot of Turtles in the lake and they come up out of the water and quite close to the Cabin. Some thing appears to have been even more adventurous as there was a small parcel left on the bed.

The ‘Cabins’ that looked quite interesting on the web site are in fact very tired and run down. 

The owners told us they specialise in taking on run down businesses and doing them up. They certainly have a job on their hands here, even the decor is dated. Green and cream seems to be the fashion statement of choice. It reminds me of a  Sea Mills Council House in the 1960’s.

We’ll make the best of it now and put this down to experience but I have to say, so far Australia hasn’t impressed me and if it wasn’t for seeing George tomorrow I’d cut my losses and head back to Thailand.


One thought on “Sanctuary Lakes. Hervey Bay

  1. I am SO excited about you meeting up with George again! Will it be like an episode of ‘Neighbours’ I wonder? Tears? Hugs? Laughter? Personally, I’m very much hoping for a close up of those orange rings …

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