Darling Harbour at night

We walked down to the Harbour and chose a place to have a drink.

Sitting outside overlooking the water a pitcher of beer was only $10 which is a steal.

We got a dose of the Munchies so ordered some spicy chicken wings. Sadly they didnt hit the spot so we ordered the mixed grill for 2.

There was more meat here than in an episode of Wagon Train.

A whole rack of beef ribs, whole rack of Lamb, two lamb chops, two steaks, two Chorizo sausage, chips, onion rings and a Prawn!

After this lot, which is our first real meal with any meat in it we were bloated like  couple of drowned donkeys so we waddled back to our rooms and an early night.

On route I took a couple of photos of the harbour with the lights reflected in the water that I was really proud of. Back at the room whilst Jaki did her vocal exercises I down loaded the pictures to the iPad and then sent them on their way to flickr.

Unfortunately, the really good photos got lost en roué  yet the crap ones made it safely through.

To add insult to injury, the camera automatically deleted the shots and so I’m left with just a memory.

But they would have been prize winners, honest!


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