Trip to Khao San Rd

Street food Khao San Rd Style

Georgia thinks were mad paying more than 10 Baht for anything, particularly beer and she advised we went to the Khao San Rd to see how things should be done.

Looking it up on the map we realised the easiest option was to catch the Hotel Ferry to Central pier ( Sathorn Taksin) then the Express water taxi to Banglumpoo (Phra Arthit)  and as all this is coordinated, we’ll managed, easy to use and cheap, we set off to explore. The water taxis are a great way of getting around and avoiding Bangkok traffic. The boat we took was just like a bus with a driver and a ‘Clippy’ who came around checking tickets. However they are no slouches, everything on the water goes at full throttle (especially the ‘Long Tail’ Boats) and there is a sense of brinkmanship when several boats are trying to dock at the same Pier at the same time. Very exciting.

The amount of water traffic and the speed they travel causes a lot of swell and people living very simply on small boats moored on the bank’s are tossed around  constantly every time there’s passing traffic.

Alighting from the boat we went down an alley full of little stalls selling all sorts of Nick-Nacks and stopped for a drink at the little stall at the end where 2 Whiskeys and a large beer was 200 Baht. Hate it when the kids are right.

We wandered out onto the street and asked a Tuk-Tuk driver where the Khao San Rd was and he explained in excellent English where we needed to go. It was only a short walk and we were into back packer heaven. Street food stalls, shops, bars and back packer Hostels were alive with humanity. The smell of cooking food was everywhere and the choice of new clothing for Glastonbury Festival next year would have challenged even the most hardened shopper. Even  Sarah.

i managed to buy a strip of Valium 10mg for 500 Baht so I’m guaranteed a good sleep Tonight.

We checked out some of the Hotels in the area with a view to staying here when Steve and Kathy arrive, two of which are really nice, a good price and in a great part of Bangkok.

We wandered for a few hours, during which time we were approached by touts asking if I wanted a suit made but they were friendly, not the least bit upset when we refused and were happy to have a chat even though we weren’t spending money. Nothing about the area felt threatening or uncomfortable, it was though, thoroughly enjoyable.

Street scene Khao San Rd


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