6th November. Last night in Bangkok.

For our last evening we decided to eat in the Hotel and joined the crowd river side choosing a table on the now familiar terrace. The choice was A La Carte or the Buffet which included fresh fish and meat on a BBQ as well as all the range of choices inside.

We went for the Buffet and selected our own uncooked fish from the display, white fish fillet, squid and giant prawns and handed them to the chef to cook whilst we went in search of some additions.

Inside there was a huge selection of raw veg and a chef explained to me very patiently in broken English what each was called and how it was used, they then stir fried it and brought it to the table at or about the same time as the fish. This combination was delicious with small bowls of chilli sauce and a beer though it was a bit sanitised and lacked the sheer excitement of some of the less exotic venues we’ve eaten in to date.

We also tried the meat BBQ and this wasn’t as good as we hoped. Some of the meat was a bit tough and I wish I’d stuck with the fish.

The pudding selection looked great but from experience we knew the fruit had little flavour, though why is a mystery. There were little cakes and a variation on ‘Birds instant whip’ with raspberry sauce that was good.

When we’d finished the bill was just short of 4000 Baht including drinks and coffee which is 10 times last nights bill and I have to say, gorgeous as it was, I prefer ‘Happy’s’ for atmosphere.

There was a live band playing pool side and we wandered up to see what they were like, but by the time we got there it looked like everything had finished though there was stacks of food untouched in big stainless steel urns and a lot of over tired children being dragged off to bed.

Bangkok has been an experience and I’m looking forward to coming back but it won’t be the 5 star hotels that I’ll remember most.


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