5th November. Our first trip out after dark.

We sat by the River watching the bustle of water traffic and as the Sun went down we felt like a beer so decided to go up to the room and retrieve a few cans from the fridge. When we got there however  the cupboard was bare. Where were the. 4 cans we bought at the 7/11?

At this point it dawned on us that we couldn’t remember unpacking them, couldn’t remember carrying them home and in reality couldn’t remember purchasing them in the first place! That would explain the mystery of buying beer before 1700 but not Spirits. Mugs.

Once we got over the shock, we set off down the drive to the cross roads, did battle with the traffic and made it to the little restaurant on the corners which we’ve named ‘Happys’. Tonight there was a spare table which we greedily took.

Once ensconced  we were advised that tonight the menu was Thai BBQ and nothing else. Given we didn’t know what Thai BBQ was we figure it was worth a go and they proceeded to bring a large pot full of hot charcoal and placed it in a hole in the middle of the table. Then a domed metal dish like an upside down jelly mould with a moat around the edge was placed over the coals and a lump of pig fat dropped on top to melt, coating the surface ready for cooking.

A large ceramic bowl full of what looked like washing up liquid was plonked on the table along with an old teapot and a bowl of fresh vegetables which included Pak choi and cabbage. The water from the tea pot was poured into the surrounding moat and started to boil quite quickly and into this we dropped the vegetables. Then from the washing up bowl the proprietor scooped a hand full of ingredients  ( ham, squid, prawns and chicken primarily) and laid them on the metal dome where they started to cook and the juices ran down into the vegetable mixture. Once the meat , squid prawns were cooked we picked them off the heat using chop sticks, dipped them in a home made chilli sauce, spooned the liquid and veg into a dish and started eating.

initially my reaction was to ‘leg it’ but I have to say it tasted delicious and was one of the most fun dishes we’ve ever had and for 400 Baht for two people including Beer, it was great value for money.

The proprietor was so enthusiastic that we had eaten in his restaurant which presumably most tourists don’t, that he had his photo taken with us.

When we get home we will definitely be subjecting friend to this as a test of loyalty!


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