Tuesday 5th November

After a very sleepless night (I was up at 0400 blogging from the Bog as it was the only place with a light and a seat) I slipped out of the room at first light and made for the pool where I completed a very sleepy 10 lengths. Swimming with your eyes closed is a secret pleasure.

When I returned to the room Jaki was still asleep so I set off to find some food.

The restaurant is large with huge glass windows overlooking the Terrace and the river. The choice of food was a bit bewildering with everything from Rogan Josh to French Toast and there didn’t seem to be any protocol, people were mixing cuisines as they fancied.

Settling for French toast with Maple syrup, eggs, crispy Bacon and coffee I had a Disney moment. Feeling guilty about this, I polished off Fish Soup with Noodles (communication problem, I thought I was getting a smoked Mackerel fillet).

However, anywhere that serves fresh chillies for breakfast is alright with me.

later in the morning I paid the price for my Gluttony and had a bloody good dose of the ‘Squits’.

As if his wasn’t bad enough, I didn’t lock the toilet door fully and as a result, I was joined in the cubicle by a very nice cleaning lady!

Meanwhile back in the restaurant Jaki had engaged enthusiastically in an international game of “defend you fork”. This simple but energetic game entails the waiting staff trying to steal your cutlery every time you go to the Buffet for another course. They win if you return with a plate of hot food only to find you have nothing to eat it with and if by the time you’ve stolen cutlery from another table, your food is stone cold. That’s classed as a knockout.

Bolstered by Imodium we set out to explore. We caught the Hotel Ferry boat from the pier and got off at the central pier which is in the Sky train Station. We purchased 2 singles to the National Stadium @75 Baht and without too much fuss found the right train and boarded. We rode the train till the end of the line (all stations are shown on a map with their name and station number) and an electronic version with commentary in English is displayed in the carriage.

When we got off there was an awful lot of noise and whistling( just like an FBU demo) and sure enough there was a full blown revolution taking place on the streets. Quite the bed of insurgence?

We walked around MBK mall which was on about 7 floors and seemed to sell everything you could imagine. We needed a charging lead for the iPad and found it for 150 Baht. When I asked if it was ‘genuine Apple’ I thought the guy was gonna have a heart attack.

“Real. Of course it’s Not, this is Thailand.”

I also bought a pair of designer sandal but this time I asked no stupid questions!

Returning to the Skytrain full of confidence, we couldn’t buy tickets at the Ticket Booth (there’s a clue in the name) so tried our luck at a machine. Each station on the map has a price against it. The farther away it is the more it cost. We paid 37 Baht and boarded the train. RMT take note. If the government want to do away with ticket office staff let them, as long as they continue to pay them to sit in a ticket booth that doesn’t actually sell tickets were OK.

Fake ticket Booths is so Thai.

Again, apologies for standard of Blog but using free Wi-Fi at airport and I think it’s fake as it keeps breaking down.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 5th November

  1. I understand the game of ‘defend your fork’ has different names in different countries, in Scotland for example it’s called ‘ don’t let the laddie get years Scoon.’
    The welsh variation apparently requires the guest to try eating scolding hot food with their fingers in order to claim victory.
    If you Wikipedia search it you will see it was featured in Its a Knockout in 1964 when the French beat the Germans in the final.

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