4th November continued.

Deciding to explore we walked out of the Hotel and headed toward the busy road. The Hotel complex also includes two apartment blocks , which are almost all occupied, a Costa Coffee, a Chinese restaurant on the 36th floor and a 7/11 where we tried to buy some Vodka but unfortunately it was only 1650 and they don’t sell alcohol till 1700, so we made do with beers (though why you can buy beer and not spirits I don’t know) a few No Cholesterol Peanuts and a carton of Milk which turned out to be sweetened.

Later that evening we sat by the pool and watched the changing skyline and listened to the resident band which consisted of, violin, double bass, piano and a singer who bashed out a couple of classics ( they refused a request to play Stairway to heaven) whilst swimming a further 17 lengths just to keep the ‘Temple’ in good shape.

By this time we were both suffering from jet lag and had become a bit fractious which resulted in a heated discussion about what to do on our first evening. Once resolved, we went down to the crossroads to find a Bar. The first one we entered was a “Girlie Bar” and Jaki made me come out, luckily a few doors down there was an ordinary bar where we found local rum, Chang beer and an interesting spin on a Margarita cocktail Whilst eating ‘Finger Food,’ chicken wings in spicy sauce

I managed to spill the beer down my new jeans which looked to all the world like I had become suddenly incontinent ( a theme to which I’m sure to return later) as we went in search of some proper food. The first place we tried was full of locals and we couldn’t find a table, but next door it was slightly less crowded and we sat and ate chicken steak, pork steak and Korean Pork with sticky rice and salad plus beers for about a £5 for the both of us.

Walking home (having recrossed the road! not any easy task as the Zebra crossing isn’t apparently a safe haven for pedestrians but a recognised killing zone for tourists as no traffic stops for you) we purchased a bottle of Bacardi ( why I don’t know as neither of us like it) from the most rude 7/11 staff in the world.

However when we got home we couldn’t get the room key card to work so had to call up reception. As expected the key worked first time and we managed to end the night stood ( no chairs) on the balcony looking out at the view with a Bacardi and coke. Not bad eh?


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