4th November 2013

So it begins.

We arrived at the Chatrium Riverside Hotel, Bangkok at about 0800hrs on a Monday morning after a 10 hour 20 minute flight with Thai Air, a fairly painless experience enhanced by having seats 69 k & J ( which immediately brought  thoughts of the ‘Mile High Club’ but these were immediately rejected as we realised we just weren’t flexible enough to attempt it). These seats are a row of two with additional leg space and no foreign bodies wanting to ‘ go take a pee’ when your settled.

Food on Thai Air was good, a chicken dish with rice, sandwiches mid flight and Bacon, beans and Spinach for breakfast which sounds wierd but works.

On the whole they fed and watered us well but the ‘free’ alcohol was in short supply ( a pre dinner drink, a glass of wine with the meal and an optional Brandy with Coffee) which didn’t please the Welsh couple sat across the aisle from me who like Oliver Twist asked ‘for more’ but found they had to make do with coke.

They appeared to have ADHD and weak bladder’s as they were up and down like Weston Donkey’s. I wouldn’t mind but he insisted on sticking his ‘orrible Builders Bum in my face every time he opened the overhead locker which wasn’t for the feignt hearted.

During the course of the flight he also managed to shower me in breadcrumbs when he brushed his lap clear of dinner debris and poke me in the shoulder with his badly tattooed arm whilst stretching. Bless em.

All of that is now just a memory as I’m sat in the Sun (well I was when I wrote this, I’m now sat in the bath typing up the notes trying not to disturb Jaki who in turn is trying to wake up the whole Hotel with her gentle snorting) pool side relaxing, as our room isn’t yet available.

So we’re making good use of the Pool area which overlooks the river, which is a ‘working waterway’ with boats of all shapes and sizes plying their trade. There are some really large canvas covered barges which are towed by several tug boats, zippy little Thai boat’s with huge motors and a long pole to which I assume is attached a propeller and courtesy boats from the Hotels which run to the sky train Station. From there you can easily access the whole of Bangkok cheaply and safely. The same can’t be said for the roads which are rammed with vehicles of all kinds who engage in a ballet of movement, filling every available space and those that are too small for cars are occupied by scooter’s transporting whole families including school children who eat, talk on the phone and conceivably finish last minute home work whilst traveling on a Honda 50. Not a ‘Mod’ in sight.

The taxi ride from the Airport was by metered taxi (thanks to the guidebook for this one) paying what is on the meter plus the Expressway toll of 75 Baht, in total 425. The driver told us today there is extra traffic as the students are back and there is a demonstration against the return of a previous president whose name I can’t spell but the driver was adamant he shouldn’t be allowed back in the Country.

So much for avoiding politics, all the way to Bangkok and there a demo!

We decided to have a celebration beer but at 450 Baht for 2 small glasses, it wont be a regular thing.

Shown to our room on the 8th floor we have a great view across the Chao Phraya River and the infinity pool from our balcony, pity about the fag ends stubbed out in the corner. The room is big and spacious with a small kitchenette with 2 ring hob, fridge, microwave a kettle (with a lead so short we have to stand it on a plate to plug it in) and a cutlery drawer containing 2 knives, forks and one spoon!

Typing this blog on an I pad mini is going to be a challenge so please bear with if grammar, spelling or punctuation go astray .


2 thoughts on “4th November 2013

  1. So. It’s official – Jaki can snore for England anywhere in the world! Glad you arrived safe, loving the hotel views. Look forward to hearing more 🙂

  2. How much for beer! Are you crazy! You need to go find some back street bars! Theres a cool rasta bar down an alley off koh san but cant remember how to get there! Please no more sexual references!

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