8th October 2013. halls Auto Electricians.

Today the camper was booked into Halls Auto Electricians to have a ‘flow’ battery charger fitted to the Van.

It spends the winter in a Barn in Nettleton where it’s sheltered from the weather and protected from thieves by CCTV and a rather aggressive Ram with very big horns who patrols the ground outside.

last year I left it connected to mains throughout the Winter  in the belief  this would keep the batteries charged but what it did was fry the leisure battery costing £120 to replace.

This year i decided to sped some money to save some money.

I called into Halls and explained the problem and they recommended this system and agreed to hard wire it for under £150, thus protecting both batteries.

So i arrived this morning at 0830 as agreed and left the van with them

It wasn’t long before they phoned to ask where they could plug it in as they couldn’t find a three pin socket in the van?

After some discussion it would appear they couldn’t fit the equipment they had ordered as there were two batteries on the van (did they not know this as most camper vans have two batteries) and if it only needed plugging in, why would i pay them to do that for me.

Several calls later they advised that it could be done for about £500 or I could just buy two chargers, plug them both into an extension lead and connect them to both batteries for about £100.

So another day wasted,  and no farther forward but at least i now know how to keep the batteries charged throughout the winter.


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