6th October 2013

Why is today relevant to a blog about traveling?

Well, in the Spring of next year were taking the camper across to Europe for a few Months. We don’t have a venue yet but we figure, head South, find the Sun and work our way back North as the Weather improves. However, most insurance policies (travel, health and household) have a maximum 90 day in which you can stay away, but then you have to come home. 
So at the end of June next year, we will come back to the UK for a few weeks in order to go to ‘Glastonbury Festival’ and today was the day the tickets went on sale.

Last year we were in Crete for a family wedding and although we had internet and an i Pad we didn’t get anywhere near getting a ticket, We tried again in April when the returned tickets went on sale but again, we weren’t successful.

So for the first time in 17 years, we didn’t go to Glastonbury.

I thought i’d be fine about it until the Tuesday evening before, when we usually drive down and set up camp, thats when it hit me, we weren’t going.

We consoled ourselves with watching every scrap broadcast on the BBC but the better the Festival looked, the more despondent we became.

So, we decided this year we were going to go, no matter what.

The first thing we did was cancel a long standing arrangement to visit friends and stay over on the Saturday night which was mean and selfish but had to be done.

Then we planned our assault on ‘See tickets.com’ by contacting all our friends and sharing registration documents with them.

At home we set up 4 computers, 2 mobile phones and a House phone, printed out the registration detail in large print and had an early night, though this backfired as neither of us got a wink of sleep worrying about the morning.

Sunday morning we got up early and made Coffee. Unfortunately we were both extremely nervous and had to make frequent visit’s to the loo, I even considered Imodium as a way of staying at my desk but thought better of it.

At 0900hrs we started trying to access the web site but found it was almost impossible to get in, we kept getting a blank screen.

However when we did make some form of contact we were treated to a Twitter page which advised that the site had experienced some technical difficulties. Not deterred we continued to try to get into the site.

The mobile rang and it was my Daughter from Australia (her and her friends had left their Hostel and gone across the road to a garage where they accessed the internet) advising they had accessed the site and were, as we spoke, booking our tickets. Can you believe it, they got in from OZ using a hijacked internet and we couldn’t get a sniff using 4 high spec computers 2 Phones and a legitimate Broadband connection. 

So we continued refreshing the page, getting timed out, re-logging in, clicking away and  Phoning on redial for another hour (trying to get tickets for our friends Steve and Kathy) until the dreaded ‘sold out’ sign appeared.

At the end of this exercise most all of our friends had got their tickets (except poor old Steve and kathy) and the Girls from OZ were made up knowing they were coming home in January but would have Glasto to look forward to.

So, today is important to our travel plans as it is a milestone in the journey.

We will be back in the UK at end June and we can plan around that. More importantly though, we will be able to go to Glasto with Georgia and her  back packing buddies, James the Tory, Sarah and Pete the Plod, Frazer, my second best mate, all the Morris’s and anyone else who knows me.



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