Starting the process

Tuesday 24th September.

The day I handed in my notice. Having left school at 16 in 1968 with one ‘O’ Level and no idea what I wanted to do (options for us were Bristol Docks or BAC Filton) I then worked for the next 45 years without a break, often doing two, some times three jobs at a time.

And now im gonna retire.

Is it the right decision, only time will tell, but it feels right.

When I left the Fire Service in 2004 I had completed 26 years and three months.

Half the Training school
Half the Training school

I then did 6 years for the FBU before they decided they didn’t want ‘Out of Trade Members’ working as project workers, so they told 4 of us we were no longer needed (loyalty of Trades Unions is legendary).

But weirdly they then asked us to re-apply for our jobs as they didn’t have enough suitable people to fill the posts. I think not.

So, I went to work for the RMT. Same job, same area but £6K more in wages. Life can be a bitch.

Now its time to move on yet again. Ill miss the money true.

I’ll even miss the role, I liked what i did but i wont miss the grief, the frustration and the lack of support.

So now its time to say goodbye, I hope to leave the post in a better condition than when I started, but leave it i must.

So Tuesday morning i did the deed and informed the boss that i was leaving. She was magnanimous, Gracious in her praise but i did sense an excitement . A sort of “Got rid of the B*****d” sound in her voice.

Now i have to make sure i don’t get an injury, catch a deadly disease or do anything that could stop me getting on that plane.

Watch this space.


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